Signal Cables

Prasrabha is a leading global supplier of cables and cable systems for the transmission of signals and energy. The company offers high-quality products that ensure the reliable transmission of signals and supply of power at all times. Main characteristics of the cables include excellent resistance to heat, a high current capacity, a robust composition, a compact design, outstanding flexibility and a long service life. These properties are primarily due to the excellent insulation materials used. Electron-beam cross-linking makes the plastic insulation extremely robust. As a result, the cables are ideal for harsh environments and the requirements of specific markets, such as the automotive and railway sector, renewable energy and coil winding industries etc. The cables are optimized for more demanding requirements (e.g. fire protection) or higher temperature ranges, depending on the market. Prasarbha develops integrated insulation materials, and designs and manufactures the cables in its own facilities to guarantee maximum performance and quality of the cables and consolidate its position as a global technological leader in the sector.

  • Power & Control Signal Cables
  • Insulated Electric Cables
  • Drive Module Signal Cables
  • DC Signal Cables