Surveillance Cables

Prasarbha Expertise in Surveillance cables have made it the most wanted best cable in the markets. Many people enjoy having the comfort and peace of mind that comes from owning home surveillance equipment. These home surveillance equipment packages come with a variety of items needed to have a complete system, with the exception of a few items that individuals need to buy on their own. Cable is just one of the items that is not sold with home security equipment. Often, this means that the installer must know something about the various cable types in order to have complete and trustworthy connections with the rest of the equipment. This often means that a person needs to buy cable to match the equipment and other components or vice versa. And you have all the solutions for different types of cables manufactured here to cater your requirement.


Housing wires are one of our expertise since 2 decades. Our products are abided by IS:694. Prasarbha Cables are manufactured at its state of the art manufacturing facility located in Bangalore, India. The systems at the manufacturing facility are certified for ISO-9001: 2015.

Whether it’s a custom design or standard range product, we can help you meet your wire and power cable needs for the most challenging environment and demanding applications in the industry. Our experts are very well aware of the demand of the clients as they conduct market surveys on regular basis and ensure that the customers are served with the best.


Flexible copper conductors are made from high conductivity Copper rods of 8 mm diameter. The rod is drawn to required sizes of fine wires for the construction of conductors of different areas of cross section. Annealed plain copper conductors used in the flexible cables and cords conform to the requirements of table 3 class 5 of IS:8130-1984. The construction of conductor is also made according to customer specification.


Prasarbha House wires are mainly available readily in PVC insulations & also manufactured in various other insulations like, FR PVC / FRLS PVC / HR PVC & TEFLON (PTFE) With HR PVC.

PVC Insulation

'Type A' PVC Compound suitable for a maximum continuous conductor operating temperature of 70°C, as referred in IS:694-1990, is insulated over conductor by extrusion process with required thickness of insulation and conforms to all the requirements of IS: 5831-1984.

FR Insulation

FR PVC insulation has better fire retardant properties than normal PVC.

FRLS Insulation

FRLS PVC insulation provides better fire retardant properties then normal PVC & also emits Low Smoke, in case of fire.

HR PVC Insulation

HR PVC Insulation ensures insulation stability at conductor temperature of 85°C & 105°C, in case of HR85 & HR 105PVC insulation respectively.

Critical Oxygen Index IS:10810 - 1984; Part 58 Oxygen Index Minimum 29%
Temperature Index IS:10810 - 1984; Part 64 Minimum Temperature Index 250°C
Meets requirement of Flammability Test as per IS 694
Single Core, unsheathed cables in voltage grade 1100v IS-694 ISI CM/L-3406447
IS-694 ISI CM/L-3406447 No. of strands/ Nominal Dia of wire** Thickness of insulation(Nom.) Approx. Overall Diameter Current Carrying Capacity# 2 Cables, Single Phase Max. Resistance per km @ 20° C as per IS 8130
In Conduit/ Trunking Unenclosed- Clipped directly to a surface or on cable tray
sq. mm. mm mm mm Amps. Amps. ohms
1.0 14/0.30 0.70 2.70 11 12 18.10
1.5 22/0.30 0.70 3.00 13 16 12.10
2.5 36/0.30 0.80 3.60 18 22 7.41
4.0 56/0.30 0.80 4.00 24 29 4.95
6.0 84/0.30 0.80 4.60 31 37 3.30